The purpose of this kit is to provide motor vehicle repairers an alternative to replacing the steering column on all ford falcon and territory vehicles made between late 2002- late2008.


In this time approximately 356,350 ford falcons and 85,573 ford territories were sold in Australia.


Until now the only solution available was to buy a superseded column from the dealer with a hefty price tag attached or fit a second hand column with the same problem waiting to happen.


Fitting a superseded column can also mean different keys from door to ignition on BA Falcon and SX Territory, these keys will also need programming on these particular models.


With our method you can use most of the existing components and no key programming is necessary. We have been carrying out this exact repair for over 5 years and haven’t had a column come back.

The two common problems that occur with these vehicles are as following,

  1. 1.The electrical switch dislodges from its housing with steering lock pressure. The symptom associated with this is nothing happens when the key is turned in the ignition and no dash lights.

  2. 2.The key does not return from the START position. The customer has to turn the key back manually in order to disengage the starter motor.

This kit solves both problems.


UF-1:universal fastener:Prevents the lightly crimped insides of the switch from disengaging from the column under steering lock spring pressure, also assists with fastening properly to the column.


FSR-Template: Is a template used for fitting the FSR-1:Ford spring returner.


FSR-1:hardened roll pins replace worn die -cast spring return . Also prevents wear on starter motor from excessive dwell time whilst cranking.


8Gb thumbdrive: Contains detailed 15 page printable instruction manual for fitting with photo guide+ 9 minute Instruction video.


Epoxy putty: To patch drilled holes for cosmetic purposes.


Drill bits, tap and allen key: Most tools needed to fit fit above mentioned components


Roll pin extractor: Used to pry hardened roll pins from steering housing to release electrical switch.


M4 screws: Are for securing uf-1 to housing and electrical switch to housing.


5/32 ball bearings: Replacement bearings when they have been lost.




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